This morning I finished listening to “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue” and I really just have no words. It is like falling in love. I think this is how it feels. To be so intoxicated that everything is a blur. Like your mind…like there is a fog and it is cold and you are…

I have smiled so much throughout this book. It is like falling in love…again…and again… Like it is cold and you are on a mountain.

And Luke coz that’s how I spelt him in my head. Though internet says it is Luc. I mean obviously. But Luke. I am in love with him. And I think Addie is a fool. I don’t think what she and Henry had was love. No. Not at all. That was convenience. And I agree that convenience is … well… convenient. But, Luke. I think he loved her. And I hope with all my heart that Schwab sorts it out in the sequels. Though maybe she won’t. Coz’ that’s how the world is. Lucifer has got to be the wrong one. Always.

I get goosebumps just thinking of the words. And the narrator. Oh my God. There… I have goosebumps again. Have you ever fallen in love with a voice? I have realized that I don’t listen to audiobooks just coz I don’t have time….but also coz’ I love the voice of a stranger in my ears…telling me tales of love and magic and passion. A voice. Like a friend. Or a lover. Or a foe. Talking to me. When I am alone. And then am no longer. But not every voice. Some. They seep inside and wrench my heart.

Julia Whelan. Award winning audiobook narrator and actress.

Adeline. I could die.

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