Update- 9/11

I have been royally busy at work and have not been able to do much reading. I started the month with an audiobook ” How to do Nothing” and probably took it to heart. I left the audiobook(AB) in just a chapter or two, and have started and left two-three audiobooks since then. I suddenly want to do nothing. Till today I have been able to read only one book- a hardcover that came in Champaca Books Subscription. I just thought it will help if I list down a couple of books that I have access to and I should try reading in the twenty days of September that remain. May call it my TBR pile for September 2020… So, here goes:

1- Cox or the Course of Time
2- A Village Divided (#PartitionReads)
3- A Burning (#IndiaUnfreedoms)

1. Thheek Tumhare Peechhe (#MotherTongueReads)
2. Girl in White Cotton (#Booker2020Longlist)
3. Ants Among Elephants (#IndiaUnfreedoms)

1. Our Bodies, Their Battlefield (#Feminism)
2. How to Do Nothing
3. Grey Sunshine:Stories from Teach for India (#IndiaUnfreedoms)

Of these, I have finished Cox, reached midway of Thhek Tumhare Peeche and just started A Village Divided and How to do Nothing. Let’s see how many I manage to finish through a reading slump.

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