Independence month reading!!

Big plans, little time!!

It is August again! August- the month that marks India’s independence from British rule, and also one of the largest forced migrations in world history, as India was torn from two sides to create Pakistan – a separate country for the Muslims of the land.

This month (with spillover into other months) I shall attempt to read more on India in terms of the Partition and in terms of all those aspects in which the ‘Nation’- the people that make India- are still not independent. The Unfreedoms within Independent India!

#PartitionReads #IndiaUnfreedoms

Have always wanted to do this but given my reluctance at taking up any book which is thick and written in fine print, I have mostly ditched the idea. I finally decided to search for lighter books with a relatively ‘normal’ number of pages, to start with my ‘India’ readings. Also, since I am mostly into fiction, I have tried to find some good fiction, but also included some good non fiction in my TBR.

While I have definitely read some books in the same vein earlier, ” Train to Pakistan” being an outstanding one, I never did so with a focussed mind to learn. It amazes me how many of us find it so easy yet essential to read about the horrors of Holocaust yet not as much to read about the horrors of the Partition. At times I have been repulsed by myself when I have delved into books on ‘racism’ but not on ‘casteism’ – which is probably India’s biggest evil. (Not to say India is not racist, we are! Not to undermine the horrors of Holocaust, they are beyond comparison. My only attempt is to not turn a blind eye to our own failures, our own incapacities, while we raise fingers at THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE, and sympathize and empathize with THOSE PEOPLE OVER THERE)

I will, obviously, not be able to cover all themes in August. But, wanted to start now.

Hoping to read more (and more) about haunting Pasts and haunted Presents.

Note: #PartitionReads MAY be biased, being colored by my own family history and my personal capacity to reconcile with the Partition.
#IndiaUnfreedoms is an expansive topic coz obviously India is ‘unfree’ in many many ways. With limited reading time, I will only start scraping on it from the top.

Now wish me luck 🙂🙏


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