There is really not much to say except that I am finding it difficult to write down reviews in Instagram due to the character limit. I need more space to empty my head and I do not want to do that in my own blog. I do have some book reviews posted in my original blog, but probably I will pull them out of it and post them here. Or maybe I will not. Who knows? I surely don’t. Anyway, so the main purpose behind this blog is to write about what I am reading. Sometimes I just need to write stuff to get clarity- about life, as well as books. Well, books are also life, right?

Hmmm.. I don’t understand WordPress. I prefer Blogger, but, whatever.

Now, I may shut this blog at some point. I have closed three blogs earlier. My main blog is still up but I haven’t written anything in it for more than a month now. In any case, for now, I am here. And that is all that matters. Where would we be tomorrow? Would we be tomorrow? Would tomorrow be? Who knows? I surely don’t.

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